Bad Ass BBQ Beef Tech ‘Beef Injection’ 450g


Big bold beefy flavours leaving you a bit bewildered? Need help getting your best brisket balanced before judging begins?

Best you try Badass BBQ’s new Beef-Tech Injection! Not only will it help to tenderize your meat but it will leave it bursting with flavour and moisture in no time – bet on it!

Added beefy-flavours, perfectly balanced with fresh black pepper and bay leaf make this beef injection a stand out. It pairs especially well with big cuts, such as Short Rib or Brisket and brings a delicious unique savory flavour making it a perfect match for Australian palates.

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How to use: Dissolve a quarter cup of powder in 300ml of liquid. Inject into 5 to 7 kg of meat. Rest at 0 to 4 degrees celcius for  4 – 6 hours before cooking.


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